The name should reflect the essence of the project.
Specify the city where you plan to implement the project, or the city of your residence.
Are you a Greenway Global partner?
Tell us about your project: the main idea, how the project will be implemented, what results you would like to achieve.
Who is involved in the implementation of the project.
Types of support
Select the type of support you would like to receive. In the line below, describe exactly what kind of help you need.
Tell us what budget and for what purposes you need. If you request financial support, please attach an estimate indicating all expenses
Please note that the estimate cannot include salaries, bonuses, etc.
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Which promotion channels of Greenway Global could help you? Social media, e-mail newsletters, etc.
Greenway Global can advise you on the goals, mechanics and ways of implementing your project. Tell us what kind of data and experience you lack.
Describe which organizational components of your project need support: buying equipment, finding sites, establishing agreements with authorities, and so on.
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Tell us briefly about your project. What is the idea? Why should we support you?

Video requirements:
- Horizontal format
- Good quality
- Size no more than 30 MB

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